Keyrings are a fantastic promotional tool for economical yet effective advertising. Perfect for companies, clubs, sporting groups and other institutions, as well as promoting specific brands and products.

Perfection Group International can provide a wide range of custom keyrings including:

  • Stamped keyrings
  • Die-cast keyrings
  • PVC keyrings
  • Printed keyrings
  • Leather keyrings

As well as a range of materials and finishes, we can also customise the style of keyring attachment. Popular options include:

  • G ring and chain
  • Split ring and jump ring
  • Split ring and chain
  • Split ring and figure eight connector
  • G ring and swivel connector

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Custom pressed metal keyrings

Stamped keyrings are made by cutting a reverse image into a steel master die and then stamping that image in a press to create the keyring. Stamped keyrings are available in a range of looks including:

  • Gold, silver or copper antique finishes
  • Coloured with soft enamel paints
  • Finished with a clear epoxy coating for a high-gloss look

Further customisation is possible on the reverse side. For example, you can select a commemorative message or request keyrings to be consecutively numbered.

Perfection Group International can also provide a comprehensive selection of attachments to best suit your keyring design.


Custom keyrings for any logo or colours

Printed keyrings are an affordable option that requires no compromise on design factors like logo recreation, colour choices or fonts. We can create a custom shape metal keyring and print with your desired design, with no limitations around colours or fonts.

Benefits of printed keyrings include:

  • Unlimited colour numbers
  • Printing of message available on reverse
  • Consecutive numbering available


Hand-coloured zinc alloy keyrings

Diecast keyrings are an effective and economical option for keyrings incorporating logos that are not suitable for the stamping method.

Benefits of diecast keyrings include:

  • Perfect for designs with cut-through wording or three-dimensional logos
  • Thicker finish available (4 to 5 mm, compared to up to 2 mm for stamped keyrings)
  • Message available on the reverse side, as is consecutive numbering

Diecast keyrings are made from a sturdy zinc alloy and can be hand painted with soft enamel paints (with an optional epoxy coating for a glossy finish) or imitation hard enamels.


Stylish leather key fobs for instant brand recognition

Leather keyrings are a very popular promotional tool – especially loved by car dealerships. Combining a metal badge with a leather key fob, leather keyrings can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Options include:

  • Choice of leather colour. Standard options are black, tan or navy
  • Shape flexibility, with square, rectangular, circular or teardrop the most common choices
  • Various attachments available, with a gold or silver split ring very popular choices
  • Reverse-side stamping, for example with address and telephone number or consecutive numbering


Great for detailed logos

PVC keyrings overcome many limitations of metal keyrings.

Benefits include:

  • Available in any size or shape
  • Soft and flexible PVC in 3 to 4 mm thickness
  • High level of detail can be achieved through colours and cut lines – logos or characters can be accurately reproduced
  • Multi-level, three dimensional and double-sided designs possible
  • Reverse side messages can be printed in scratch resistant ink


Perfect for memberships and security passes

Key tags are an excellent promotional tool, keeping a brand top-of-mind through exposure several times a day. Common applications include loyalty programs, memberships and security access.

Perfection Group International can help you to create a custom key tag that:

  • Is available in a shape and size to suit your needs
  • Can include bar coding, unique numbering or rear-side printing
  • Exactly matches brand colours and accurately reproduces logo and brand fonts

Custom key tags are available in a selection of metal finishes. For a bright look, gold, nickel and copper are available. Antique options are available in brass, silver and copper.

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